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Cardi B How Offset ‘Freaked Out’ After She Tweeted ‘Wish I Was Dead’

Offset, 27, counted himself as one of the many worried Bardi fans after his wife Cardi B, 26, tweeted “Wish I was dead” on July 21. “He freaked out when she tweeted that and called her right away to check in,” a source EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife. Making the situation even worse were the thousands of miles in between them, as our source adds, “Offset is in Europe right now and they are both missing each other badly.” The rapper’s group, Migos, has a show scheduled in Germany on July 26, and the trio will head straight to Las Vegas to perform at Drai’s Live the following day. To make up for the time apart, Cardi and Offset “FaceTime multiple times a day but it’s very hard on both of them,” our source says. “Cardi always gets really moody when they have to be apart, she hates it.”

“Offset hates having to leave her and Kulture [their one-year-old daughter] too, he misses them and he worries about them so much when he’s away,” our source continues. In between Offset’s concern and Cardi’s army who made the hashtag #WeLoveYouCardiB spread throughout Twitter, the “Pressed” rapper turned out to be fine after all. She deleted her disturbing tweet and even tweeted the famous meme of her childhood photo, and so our source tells us, “Fortunately Cardi is okay.”

That doesn’t mean Cardi posted the tweet in jest, however. “She does struggle at times, though. People think because she’s famous and successful, automatically she’s happy all the time but that’s not true,” our source explains. “She has her low moments like everyone else, sometimes even lower because the pressure is so extreme it’s beyond normal and it does get to her at times.” Cardi’s career is no nine to five job, as she’s booked for multiple festivals and solo concerts until Oct. 2019. Despite the pressure, “she regretted sharing [the “Wish I was dead” message] as soon as she tweeted that, she gave a lot of people a real scare, including Offset,” our source clarifies.


On the same day Cardi posted the alarming tweet above, Offset revealed that he’s homesick for his beau. “CANT WAIT TO GET HOME