Instagram fur stars and their proud owners

Roberto Cavalli’s parrot & German Shepherd

“I do prefer you to that hateful monkey but you must stop asking me if I want a cracker.”

Karl Lagerfeld’s Siamese cat

“The original fashion cat: Siamese by provenance; French by design. I’m sorry, who are you again? I don’t care. Tell me I’m pretty.”


Grace Coddington’s Persian cat

“WHATDIDYOUSAY? ICANTHEARYOU! I think I have hair in my ears.”


Gucci Westman’s Maine Coon

“Me-ow, my head. This never happens with the good rosé. I may be ill—where’s the nearest rug?”


Marc Jacobs’ Bull Terrier

“I do a baller Stallone impression, check this out: ‘Yo, Adrienne!’ Sorry, I only date models.”

Lady Gaga’s French Bulldog

“I am a slave to fashion. Black goes with everything and, well, I was born a bitch.”

Joe Zee’s Chihuahua

“This is me as Elián González last Halloween at my house in the Hamptons. I made it to America. There was dinner.”

Valentino Garavani and Giancarlo Giametti’s Pug

“San Pellegrino, served flat, with a bacon garnish, per favore. And an eye pillow. Also, when can I let my owners out of their crates?”

Lara Stone’s Border Terrier

“Yes, I own a tuxedo. Doesn’t everyone? I have self-respect. I know, the media reported when I got fixed. That was mortifying. Still. Do you like cheese? I like cheese.”

W Beauty Director Jane Larkworthy’s Standard Poodle

“Bearing the burden of looking amazing in clothes. Did have to draw the line at mascara. Yes, even the colored kind.”

Nicola Formichetti’s Pomeranians

“He’s Tank, I’m Bambi. Hey guys, did you know that if you stare at the leaf long enough it becomes real? Guys?”

Cara Delevingne’s bunny

“I won’t get out of my Mulberry Cara bag for less than 10,000 carrots a day. Measurements: 5-3-5. Yes, the ears are real.”

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