Dark tones, vibrant colors and luxurious designs. The new Young Versace Fall-Winter 2015 Collection is a must!

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To our delight, the new Autumn Winter 2015 Collection is fresh!
With elements of rock and colored pieces, it brings what we’ve always hoped for: Many luxury designs with the soul of Greek and Sicilian culture, baroque prints and significantly exceptional tones!
For the new season, the darker tones predominate, matching with gold, blue and red. With the rebel and undeniable spirit of rock ‘n’roll, shapes and colors highlight the ever-present and iconic Medusa!
The total white appeared again, with a bolder and stylish attitude, with buckles and chains in gold and silver in snickers and boots, trouser cuffs, and even the puppy Jack Russel Audrey from Donatella Versace appeared on t-shirts, as the previous collection, but this time in different ways.
With the young punk theme, Versace is the leading brand that mixes all Italian glamor with originality!