Amazed September – Mima

The mima brand was born in 2009 when Davy and Yolanda, having raised two children of their own, decided to help make the lives of tomorrow’s parents a little bit easier.

mima limited mima2
The team began working on a list of ideas for innovative products that would eventually be readily available to the masses under the mima brand name. Both Davy’s previous experience in product design and Yolanda’s background in fashion design were fully taken advantage of to ensure that mima products benefit from a harmonious combination of stylish aesthetics and innovative Dutch creation.
mima delivers childcare products that not only incorporate celebrated Dutch design, but that also exude a chic, cosmopolitan air.

We love limited edition. You can buy it at Happy Mothers boutique in CA

mima amazed

We love mima brands (Xsari, Kobi, bo, and MOON), all are the perfect feet for chic family.