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7 Best Stirrups For Jumping

When it comes to horseback riding, it is very important to have quality tack. Knowing the best stirrups for jumping can ensure that you are safe and comfortable in the saddle. Whether you want breakaway stirrups or a pair to help alleviate joint pain, this list has you covered.

With so many stirrups on the market, it can be hard to know what is the best option for your riding needs. Since jumping is such a challenging and physically demanding sport, it is important that you choose your tack wisely. The right pair of stirrups can improve your riding for the better.

When choosing stirrups for jumping, you will want a pair that is comfortable, durable, and safe. A good-quality stirrup will give you the support and balance you need to maintain a proper position in the saddle.

When selecting stirrups, many beginners and kids in the jumping world may opt for safety stirrups. In the case of a fall, a portion of the stirrup will open up under pressure, decreasing the chances of your foot getting stuck.

Some people with hip, knee, or ankle pain may benefit from having flex stirrups. Flex stirrups are specially designed with shock-absorbing abilities to provide greater support and relieve pressure on your joints.

When choosing a stirrup, you want to ensure it is made from high-quality materials. A well-made stirrup should be able to last a very long time. In addition, you want a stirrup with a durable, good footpad that will give you top-notch traction.

#1 PRORIDER Horse Saddle English Stirrups Riding Flex Fillis Irons Double Jointed

To keep you comfortable in the saddle, these double-jointed stirrups provide support and flexibility. They will help relieve the joint pain you are experiencing to make for a more comfortable ride. In addition to relieving pressure in the hips, knees, and ankles, they also help with foot positioning.

The stirrups come with a spiked rubber footpad to give you ideal traction. They come in at a budget-friendly price that any equestrian will appreciate.

#2 Herm Sprenger Fillis Stirrup Irons – White 4 3/4

These classically designed stirrups make a great option for your saddle. Their high-quality stainless-steel design will not only last years of wear but will also keep you comfortable.

The stirrups include durable non-slip rubber footpads that give you excellent traction. They offer a traditional look that is fitting for all English riding disciplines.

#3 Stubben Fillis Stirrup Irons 4.75 – Best Stirrups For Jumping

Sleek and elegant, these high-quality stirrups make a wonderful option for any English rider. They are made from durable stainless steel that will last years and years of wear.

The hardy black rubber footbed gives you superior traction as you ride, helping keep your leg in the proper position. They provide excellent support and will keep you comfortable while also having a traditional look.

#4 Coronet Fillis Peacock Safety Stirrup Irons with Pad, 4 3/4-Inch

For those seeking a safety stirrup, this is a wonderful option. Each stirrup has one side that features a rubber band with a leather replaceable loop. In the case of a fall, the band will break under pressure, minimizing the chances that your foot will become caught in the stirrup.

The stirrup features a durable stainless steel build that is built to last. The hardy rubber footpads will give you excellent traction as you ride.

#5 Equinez Tools Flex Stainless English Saddle Stirrups Iron Pads Knee Ankle Stress Pain Relief

For those struggling with joint pain, these stirrups will provide you with much-needed relief. The unique flexible design provides relief to the ankle and foot. In addition, the outside of the stirrup is longer than the inside to provide support and relief for your knees.

The stirrups are made from durable stainless steel, with the flexible portion consisting of hardy rubber. The rubber footpads provide top-notch traction to give you excellent balance. They come at a great budget-friendly price without sacrificing quality.

#6 Acavallo Arena AluPro Safety Stirrup – Best Stirrups For Jumping

A modern take on the traditional safety stirrup, these stirrups will keep you comfortable and safe while looking sharp. They feature a polyamide opening arm with a unique stress-activated locking system that will open up upon pressure. This will lessen your chances of your foot getting stuck in the instance of a fall, which is particularly important for jumpers.

For a more comfortable ride, they feature a lightweight aluminum stirrup bow that is ideal for those dealing with joint problems. The springing stirrup bow supports your feet while providing shock absorption. The polyamide footpads provide excellent traction and compensate for impacts from movements such as posting and jumping.

#7 COMPOSITI Reflex 3D Wide Track Stirrups

These unique Compositi stirrups are resistant to shocks and dampness, even at low temperatures. Durable and lightweight, they relieve tension on the knees and ankles.

The footpads offer a unique design for giving you traction, with innovative 3D swivel action treads. They help you secure a proper foot position and also have a quick foot release during falls. For a bit of fun, the footpads are even available in different colors.

Choosing the Best Stirrups For Jumping

When it comes to jumping, a good pair of stirrups is very important. They should keep you safe, comfortable, and performing at your best.

Do you like these options for best stirrups for jumping? If so, share your favorite jumping stirrups in the comments.


What Stirrups Do Show Jumpers Use?

Many show jumpers use traditional fillis English stirrups. However, flexible and composite stirrups are growing in popularity among jumpers as well. Some riders will opt for peacock stirrups or newer forms of safety stirrups.

What are the Best Stirrups for High Jumping?

Many riders find that flexible stirrups are the best option for high jumps. They help with shock absorption while providing excellent support, traction and joint relief.

Are Ophena Stirrups Worth It?

Ophena stirrups are a wonderful new brand of safety stirrups that feature one open side and a magnetic footpad that works with a special insole. They are a safe, durable and comfortable option that is great for jumping as they are FEI approved. Though many jumpers find Ophena stirrups worth the buy, they do cost several hundred dollars, making them an expensive option that is too much for some.

How Long Should Stirrups be for Jumping?

For jumping, your stirrups should generally be two holes shorter than they are for ‘general riding’ according to the FEI. The general riding length should hit at your ankle bone. The higher you jump, the shorter you will want your stirrups to be.

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