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Angelina Jolie: How Back-To-School Shopping Changed For The Mom Of 2 Teen Girls, Shiloh & Zahara

Angelina Jolie, 44, and her children have been making the rounds at brick and mortar stores now that summer’s coming to a close, but the mother of six is still enforcing a spending cap! “Angie has already started taking the kids back to school shopping,” a source close to the Maleficent star EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife, who clarifies that Angelina “has never been about buying them designer stuff.” Regardless, teenagers are bound to be drawn to fancy labels. “Now that Shiloh [13] and Zahara [14] are teenagers, they’ve started to really get into all of that. They know exactly what they like and they are very into having the ‘right look’,” our source tells us. This was evident when Shiloh wore the same pair of Versace denim shorts on Aug. 4 and Aug. 8! So, how does a mega celebrity mom like Angelina adapt?

“Angie remembers exactly what it was like so she’s fine with it to a certain point, but she’s very careful not to let them go overboard,” our source explains. “She doesn’t want them to become spoiled.” Yes, even if their mom once topped Forbes‘ list for highest-paid actresses in 2013! “There’s always a budget and they usually have to contribute some of their own allowance money too, which they earn by doing chores,” our source reveals. “That’s why Shiloh has one pair of Versace shorts, not ten.”

“Zahara has been pretty fashion conscious for a while now, but Shiloh is just starting to get into it so Angelina’s been taking her shopping a lot more than she used to,” our source continues. Zahara was even spotted wearing Naked Wolfe boots, an influencer-favorite shoe on Instagram, while visiting New Mexico in June! While Angelina’s not as keen on dressing her brood in high-end labels, “Angie’s happy to do whatever the kids enjoy because she loves to spend time with them,” our source says. That was apparent when Angelina was all smiles with Zahara and Shiloh amid a shopping trip at Fred Segal in Los Angeles on Aug. 8!

Even though the Jolie-Pitt clan is shopping for the new school year, they haven’t enrolled in private or public institutions. “The kids are still homeschooled, but they also do private tutoring in a more formal environment,” our source clarifies. “For instance, they take robotics classes as well as some other private group courses in math and language. So, even though they’re homeschooled, they do interact with other kids during the school year.”

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