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Ben Affleck Begs Tom Brady Not To LeaveThe New England Patriots: ‘It Would BreakMy Heart’

Ben Affleck, a huge Boston sports fan, admitted that he’d be crushed if Tom Brady were to leave the Patriots during an appearance on ‘Get Up,’ Feb. 18. The actor admitted that he and Matt Damon probed Tom for information about his NFL future!

If you didn’t know, Ben Affleck is a diehard Boston sports fan, having lived in Massachusetts during his childhood. And, when rumors that his beloved New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady may sign with another team, Ben took it upon himself to confront the NFL icon, 42. The two have had a close friendship through the years in part due to Ben’s love for the Patriots.

The Argo actor, 47, discussed all things Tom Brady during an appearance on ESPN’s Get Up on Tuesday, February 18, where he also expressed how emotional he’d be if Tom ever left the team.

“I hope he stays. I think he’s fabulous. By the same token, he’s given up a lot of money to play for that franchise over the years that he well deserves,” Ben explained. “The New England Patriots didn’t sacrifice any money winning all those Super Bowls, selling all those tickets, selling all that merchandise. I pray and hope that he stays. It would break my heart if he left.”

Earlier in the show, Ben revealed that both he and longtime friend Matt Damone, who is also a Boston native, probed Tom via text about his NFL future. With free agency just about a month away, there’s been much peculation about if Tom will resign with the Patriots.

“Me and Matt texted him, ‘What’s the deal? You going or you staying? And this is what we got back: an emoji,” Ben recalled as she gestured his impression of the shrug emoji. “So, I really have no information for you.”

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