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Halle Berry, 53, Reveals Insanely TonedArms & Back While Showing Off FlexibilityIn Sports Bra

Halle Berry, 53, has always been extremely fit, but in recent years, she’s put more of a focus on keeping her body strong — and she’s not afraid to show it off. On Oct. 11, Halle posted a photo to Instagram of herself doing some intense stretches while on her ‘fitness journey.’ She’s wearing skintight leggings and a sports bra in the pic, and is posed with her hands on the ground, facing inward. The position takes extreme flexibility, and every single one of Halle’s back and arm muscles are fully on display as she stretches it out.

The definition in Halle’s arms and shoulders is absolutely insane, and it’s no secret that she puts in a lot of work to keep up her toned figure. However, she also makes a point to inspire others with her workout pics. The post is part of Halle’s ‘Fitness Friday’ series, and in the caption, she wrote, “This #FitnessFriday is for YOU – the ones who read my posts very week but aren’t ready to begin their fitness journey; the ones who say ‘I’ll start next week’ or ‘I’ll eat better once this project is done.’ I’m here to tell you – I GET IT. We ALL have to nudge that inner-warrior in the right direction from time to time, and @peterleethomas and I are here to help.”


In addition to being dedicated to her fitness, Halle is also very aware of what she puts into her body. Halle’s personal trainer, Peter Lee Thomas, opened up to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY about the star’s diet earlier this year. He explained that Halle does not eat breakfast, but rather, drinks a LOT of water, followed by an intake of amino acids, as well as a cup of coffee. Then, she eats her first meal following a workout.

“A lot of the time she will have steak with a big green salad — and not butter lettuce, it has to be dark greens like spinach and kale — or she will have shredded chicken over a dark green, leafy salad,” Peter explained. “Or she might have two or three eggs — not egg whites. She eats the whole egg because the yolk is very important.” He added that she likes to snack on avocados and other veggie and fruit-based snacks, and often eats lamb chop or a ‘ketogenic stew’ (with filling vegetables and a grass fed protein in it) for dinner. Whatever she’s doing, it sure is working!

Original article: https://hollywoodlife.com/2019/10/15/halle-berry-sports-bra-arm-muscles-abs-photo/