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Teresa Giudice Reveals How DaughterMilania, 14 , Lost 40 Pounds: ‘She’sAmazing’

The Real Housewives Of New Jersey‘s Teresa Giudice, 47, has always taken her diet and fitness extremely seriously. It’s no surprise that her daughter Milania Giudice, 14, has now followed suit and dropped a whopping 40 pounds with her mama helping her jump start the process. “She told me, she’s like, “Mommy, can you get me a nutritionist?” Teresa told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY at the first annual BravoCon in New York City. “I said to her, “You want me to get you a nutritionist?” And then at first she said no, but then when she was ready, she told me. And then I got her.”

It’s hard to stay in tip top shape when you’re a Giudice! As we see on the show, the family is notorious for their big, Italian Sunday dinners, equipped with meat, pasta, and bread galore. However, Teresa, who is a New York Times best selling author, reveals it was a combination of simple things that helped contribute to Milania’s jaw dropping new look. “Just eating right,” Teresa said. “I was getting her meals. I had a nutritionist come to the house and they did her macros and what she should be eating and we teamed up with this meal prep company, Brielle. That was amazing. And I’m making her meals and exercising. She’ll go to the gym with me and she did it.”

Teresa and her daughters have had a tough few years as her husband Joe Giudice, 47, served time behind bars followed by serving time in ICE and ultimately transported to Italy where he continues to await his fate in his deportation case. Though the family has had a lot of hardships, Teresa is happy to see Milania thriving and channeling her life stresses into something that’s good for her. “She would work, she would do cardio morning and night and weights,” Teresa added. “Yeah, she’s amazing.”

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