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For S/S 20, Pinko Up takes its cue from the collections for mothers, creating playful and colorful “mini-me” looks, designed for girls aged 8 to 14 years. Perfect for wearing on a number of different occasions, they also closely follow the character traits of these little women with exacting tastes who choose their very own garments and express clear personal preferences. The Girl collection is accordingly divided into six macro-themed areas, of which four are developed also in the Baby collection (ages 2-7 years), introduced for the first time in this collection by the brand.

The areas are different from one another in their color choices, the moments for which they have been created, and for the different stories they tell: White Angel is inspired by the rock and roll world of Elvis Presley, Grease takes its cue from the film it was named after and recalls a typically 50’s mood, Love Stripes is the most urban segment and is suited to Pinko Up Generation and digital girls, Melrose Place is the part of the collection that transmits, at just a glance, the concept of summer, Glamour Girl has been created for the most chic moments, perfect for wearing at ceremonies or at more formal events, while Easy Chic, as suggested by its name, is the part of the collection mainly dedicated to free time.

Wrapping up the Pinko Up offering is the beachwear microcapsule collection that adapts part of the collection’s designs to bathing suits and bikinis. Discover the collection with the special event to be held at the Pinko Up stand on Thursday 20 June at 1:00 p.m.

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