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Get Ready for Season 6 of Simplify

If September’s back-to-school mindset makes you crave ideas as fresh as your new stationery, then you’ll be glad to hear that Simplify, Blinkist’s hit podcast, will be back with season 6 on September 26. We’ve cooked up an incredible season full of guests and insights that will entertain and inform you, and maybe even change your mind. If you’re new to Simplify, then here’s the deal: 6 authors, 6 episodes, 6 ways to make your life simpler. And not to ruin the surprise, but we usually throw in a bonus extra episode at the end of the season for a little added spice. Listen to the trailer above to get a sneak audio preview of what’s ahead. We’ll be speaking to a whole range of authors about the highs and lows of life, helping us to understand how we can harness joy from the world around us, why a lack of real human connection makes us depressed, and the evolutionary reasons we feel feelings in the first place.

We’ll open up the season with a conversation with introversion’s biggest rockstar, Susan Cain, and meet five other wonderful authors including Johann Hari and Ingrid Fetell Lee over the course of the season. If you haven’t already subscribed, make sure to do so before the first new episode drops on September 26, or keep an eye on Blinkist Magazine and our social media for new episode announcements every Thursday. If we’re lucky enough to already count you as a Simplify fan, then please spread the word and tell your friends. It really does help! Send us feedback, suggestions, or questions about anything you’ve heard or would like to hear at podcast@blinkist.com. And if Twitter’s your thing, you’ll find Caitlin @caitlinschiller and Ben @bsto. Here are the important details in a blink: New Simplify episode drops on September 26. Please subscribe! Tell your friends Say hi via email or Tweet See you on September 26. We’re looking forward to having you. And, as always, remember that life is complicated but living it better doesn’t have to be. Simplify.

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