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1. As Americans in Paris, we have come to notice what makes the French man different from his global counterparts

His distinguished, irreverent, playful and always sharp style is instantly recognizable, and tends to have an almost instantaneous effect on the millions of men who visit the Gallic community’s epicenter each year.

2. For the KENZO Spring/Summer 2015 men’s collection

we pay homage to the millions of Parisian men whose way of dressing has, over time, inspired the masses to borrow and assimilate the key codes and rites of their wardrobe. On adore l’homme français!
A square, loose silhouette offers a sense of ease and provides a sleek contrast to the formality of construction apparent in some of the more classic tailored pieces. Holographic badges, embroidered emblems and Parisian icons pervade the collection and celebrate the glories the city of lights has accumulated throughout its history. Scooter culture is never more evident than in the exaggerated parka, a functional prerequisite many riders have adopted to offset the sporadic bad weather. Motorcycle pants and shorts are teamed with fitted denim cabans. Suede vests with bonded, rubber stripes hint at the technical, and polka dot covered, heavy cotton twill feels like denim.

3. The fervent appreciation of ‘les souvenirs francais’ continues in the prints and embroideries

, with an Eiffel tower jacquard, a broken and slashed play on the classic Breton stripe, and in the knitwear where cosette meets our own Lady Liberty.