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“Speak fashion, think Italian”. With this in mind we are excited to discover the luxury equestrian collection of the brand new Italian company Miasuki.

A passion for riding, the love of horses and the enjoyment of being at one with nature has inspired Miasuki Cavallerizza e Cavaliere to design the finest apparel collection for women.

With the traditions and heritage of equestrian sports in mind, the Miasuki design team wants to fill in the needs  for further biomechanical and technological innovation and research, to make products that will improve the performance and comfort of female athletes. The aim at Miasuki Cavallerizza e Cavaliere is to become the point of reference for female riders from every part of the world.

Italy is the home of the finest quality and the best craftsmen, masters at producing beautiful, high fashion clothing. Miasuki’s creative direction, research and development center, product design team and manufacturing technicians are all based in Milan, at the heart of artisan fabric and garment production.

By selecting the fabrics, trimmings and accessories Miasuki looks for the finest quality that can be found in order to bring a style and elegance to their collection.They design and manufacture their own exclusive fabrics or choose from the ranges of leading Italian producers and they undertake laboratory and field testing trials to ensure suitability for each product.

A product that caught my attention the most in the collection is the Moonlight Bodysuit. The groundbreaking innovative design that reflects dyamic femininity.

The seams have been cut to add comfort and give perfect lines to the body, it supports and constricts where needed while allowing maximum freedom of movement and comfort. No more shirts coming untucked, belts or tight waistbands.(YES!)

The official launch of this new Italian equestrian brand will take place during the Longines Masters in Paris from 3 – 6th of December 2015.

Photo credits & info www.miasuki.com

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