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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap

At the start of the Jan. 17 episode of Grey’s Anatomy, the fallout from the windstorm started to unfold, beginning with Amelia reacting to the news that Teddy’s pregnant with Owen’s baby. Obviously, there was a bit of a gasp, but then there were some tough questions — like why did Teddy keep this secret hidden for so long? Did she want to get back together with Owen? How would this love triangle handle having a baby thrown into the mix? Teddy stumbled upon answering most of those questions, but did manage to say that any chance of her and Owen getting back together was “off the table” due to the fact that he was currently dating Amelia. Sadly, Amelia didn’t find too much comfort in that answer, given the fact that it’s just not that simple. Teddy is the woman Owen’s always wanted to be with, and now that she’s pregnant, Amelia feels she’s just in the way of his dream becoming a reality. So because of that, Amelia set Owen free in one of the final moments of the winter premiere. He insisted he was just going to be there for the baby, and didn’t want to be with Teddy, but a teary-eyed Amelia told him, “She’s here. She is Teddy. And she’s pregnant with your baby. She’s an option. You are such a good man, Owen. And I’m going to give you time to consider your options. OK?”

Meanwhile, Meredith and DeLuca were also left stuck in an elevator, which led to them nearly kissing at least a handful of times. First, he wooed Meredith by telling her about how he comes from a family with a famous surgeon (!), and then, he talked to her in Italian, which was super hot and oh so sexy. So, obviously, she nearly gave in to his many come-ons, but overall, she managed to resist DeLuca’s charming ways. However, we don’t think that’ll last for very long. In fact, just before the elevator doors opened, she wrapped her arms around DeLuca and went in for a kiss. But the fear of getting caught stopped their lips from touching — for now. Just before the episode came to a close, he suggested they get to know each other better. “We need to go out together, out of this hospital — tonight,” DeLuca told Meredith. But before she could even answer, Link interrupted and asked Meredith if she was still up for going out with him. And to that, she said, “It’s been a long day, and I’m going to go home and see my children,” before pointing at both men and adding, “I will see you later.” As to which “you” she meant, we still don’t have our answer — and neither do they. But Meredith walked away with a massive smile on her face.

As for Jackson and Maggie — well, he felt helpless after learning his mom may die from cancer. But that didn’t stop him from running into action when he learned organs for Cece were trapped in an elevator with Bailey. Jackson seemed to use the obstacle to distract himself from the painful news he had just learned, but we can’t say we were mad about it. Because of his help, Bailey made her way out of the elevator — with the organs — but Cece still didn’t make it. She died on the operating table, leaving Meredith no choice but to say goodbye to Grey Sloan Memorial’s very own Cupid. And in the end, Jackson and Maggie both broke the news of Catherine’s illness to Richard, so it’s safe to say it was a sad day for a lot of people.

Alex also made his way to the hospital, following an at-home honeymoon with Jo. And when he got there, he caught Levi and Nico finishing their steamy hookup in the back of an ambulance. He didn’t acknowledge it at the time, but demanded they get back inside and help people who were in trouble. They, naturally, feared for their jobs, thinking Alex would fire them, but he didn’t. Instead, he just told them to find a room with a lock the next time they want to hook up. And Nico said it sounded like a great solution as he brushed his hand against Levi’s, smiled, and walked away.

Lastly, Bailey finally heard from Ben when he told her was fine amidst the windstorm. But even so, she begged Alex to keep running things in the hospital because she can’t yet handle the stress of both her job and worrying about Ben’s safety. Poor Bailey.

Oh and Richard caught Betty trying to find drugs in the hospital, so Amelia forced her to go to rehab. Meanwhile, Amelia moved out of Owen’s home, leaving him and the baby Leo by themselves.

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