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LOONA Gives Incredible 1st Performance Of ‘Butterfly’

LOONA’s first performance of “Butterfly” was magical. The girls hit the stage on M Countdown, the South Korean music program, on Feb. 21 to perform their new song. From the choreography to their vocals, LOONA’s performance was top notch. The LOONa girls were all dressed alike in a ruffled white top and high-waisted black pants. These girls always give everything they have to their performances. Slay, ladies. SLAY!

The K-pop group released their music video for “Butterfly” on Feb. 19. The “Butterfly” music video was epic from start to finish. The choreography and visuals were breathtaking. The song’s description is incredibly inspiring. “LOONA causes a Butterfly effect through music for the listeners to gain courage, find oneself, and raise one’s voice. Anyone under influence, is another LOONA,” the description read. The music video was shot in Iceland, Paris, and Hong Kong. How awesome is that? They traveled the world for their “Butterfly” music video!

“Butterfly” is one of the singles from LOONA’s new repackaged album [X X]. LOONA opened up about their brand-new album in a recent interview. This album is unlike anything LOONA (or anyone) has done before. “I think that this album really has a concept that no other girl group will have done before. So I hope that the public will think it’s really new and fresh when they see it,” LOONA member Heejin said, according to Soompi. In the description of their “Butterfly” music video on YouTube, LOONA revealed that the limited edition of the [X X] CDs feature the first hints to the next album in the two bonus tracks! LOONA always keeps us wanting more!

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