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‘The Bachelor’ Recap [SPOILER] Sent Home After She Tells Colton She’s Falling In Love With Him

The Feb. 11 episode of The Bachelor picks up where last week’s left off — Colton Underwood is super frustrated after hearing conflicting stories from Nicole and Onyeka about each other. Colton is admittedly pissed that some of the women would throw each other under the bus instead of trying to grow their relationships with him. At the rose ceremony, he makes it clear that he will not tolerate the pettiness, and he sends Onyeka and Nicole home. That means just Cassie, Caelynn, Hannah B., Hannah G., Tayshia, Kirpa, Katie, Demi, Heather and Sydney are left.

Colton and the ladies head to Vietnam, where the first one-on-one date goes to Hannah G. They enjoy a relaxing spa day, and Colton admits he has a hard time keeping his hands off of her. Things get physical for them even in the middle of the day, and it’s just as steamy as what went down between Colton and Cassie last week. The making out pauses for a bit at night, with Hannah opening up about how hard it is for her to…open up. She tells him quite an emotional story about her parents’ divorce, which Colton is able to relate to since his parents are divorced, too. The intimate conversation has Colton feeling closer to Hannah G. than ever before, and of course, he gives her the rose.

Up next is a group date for Cassie, Heather, Tayshia, Caelynn, Katie, Hannah B, Sydney and Demi, who breaks down in tears after learning she’s not getting a one-on-one again. On the date, the women learn a new fighting technique, then put their skills to the test against each other. Demi struggles a bit on the date, as she has trouble fighting physically, but she’s hopeful things will go better during the after-party. Meanwhile, Katie and Sydney are also feeling the pressure, as they also haven’t had one-on-ones.

Sydney flat-out calls Colton out for not having her on a one-on-one date. He assures her he wants to try to get to a place in their relationship like he is with some of the other girls, but after their conversation, she still feels like he’s putting a wall up with her. It doesn’t help that she feels some of the other girls, specifically Demi and Hannah B., aren’t taking the process seriously.

In another talk with Colton, she admits that she thinks she needs more from him in order for their relationship to progress, and she says she doesn’t feel like he’s going to be able to give it to her. She decides to send herself home rather than wait to find out. As for Demi, she lets Colton into a big part of her life by including him on a phone call with her mom — their first one since her mom was released from prison. At the end of the date, he gives the rose to Tayshia.

Finally, it’s time for Kirpa’s one-on-one. She’s worried that, like Sydney, she hasn’t had a chance to connect with Colton like the other women, so she goes into the date a little hesitant. Things get off to a pretty natural start for them, but Colton admits his relationship with Kirpa is moving slower than some of the others, and he’s hoping they’ll be able to push things to the next level on the date.

After a fun day, Colton digs deeper into Kirpa’s past at night, including her past engagement. She assures him that she’s ready to get engaged again if things keep progressing as they are, even though she’s already been engaged in the past. The in-depth conversation is just what Colton needs to move forward with the relationship, and he gives Kirpa the rose.

Meanwhile, Demi decides she needs to make a statement with Colton in Vietnam, and she takes it upon herself to pay him a visit in his room. She lets him know that her feelings for him are much more intense than she could’ve ever imagined, and tells him that she’s falling in love with him. Unfortunately for Demi, Colton isn’t sure he’s on the same page — he doesn’t know if he can ‘get there’ with her by the end of this journey. After hearing what Demi has to say, Colton knows he can’t put her through another rose ceremony when he doesn’t feel the same way, so he eliminates her on the spot, leaving her heartbroken and in tears.

Colton makes his decision about who else will be sent home without a cocktail party, and the ladies are sent straight to a rose ceremony. Kirpa, Hannah G. and Tayshia are safe, and Colton gives the remaining four roses to Hannah B., Caelynn, Cassie and Heather. That means Katie is going home, and only seven women are left!

However, before Katie leaves, she warns Colton that there are some women left who aren’t ready to get engaged, and he’s left confused about where the remaining ladies stand — especially since Demi and Sydney made similar comments. He lets the seven women left know that he’s “f***ing terrified,” and warns them that he’ll be hoping to get answers from them next week.

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