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The Royal Wedding That Made Us Go Huh

Netflix is at it again.

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding has officially debuted, and boy was it a movie that we watched. After a year of what felt like a surplus of actual royal weddings, a holiday-themed Netflix version starring Rose McIver was sure to be exactly what we needed to put a cap on 2018.

We had some fun for a couple hours, but wow does running a kingdom make a man boring. Anything we dug about King Richard (Robert? Redmond? Richmond?) in the first movie was all wrapped up in finances, crises, and black turtlenecks. We did have Amber’s friends and father around for a change, but like dang there was so much business and protocol to deal with in this festive holiday romp. It was a little bit of a downer, to be honest.

The movie followed Amber and King Rufus in the lead-up to their wedding. Amber, as the future Queen of Aldovia, can’t escape the press, who are determined to find out how she feels about her future husband’s stupid modernization initiatives that everybody hates. Amber’s also having trouble escaping the stuffy castle staff, who can’t quit with their royal protocols about jewelry and dresses and blogging. They really, really hate blogging.

All of it threatens to break Amber and King Ralphie up for good, but as the Queen-to-be says, “somehow through all this insanity, I’m still me.” And that’s true, as Amber is always as Amber as she could be, bucking those dumb royal protocols and breaking out her questionable journalism skills at any and all opportunities.

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