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Tiffany & Co’s sterling silver greenhouse

Part of Tiffany & Co’s Everyday Objects series — a collection of, you guessed it, everyday items like pencil sharpeners and tin cans reinvented in luxurious materials, with hefty (sometimes absurd) price tags to match — this miniature greenhouse is only 20 inches wide, 26.75 inches long and 17.75 inches high, and made with sterling silver, copper and glass.

Priced at $275,000, it was hand-assembled by four craftsmen over the course of nine months in the brand’s hollowware workshop. To be used as a centerpiece, possibly — plants are unlikely to fit in it, given its dimensions.

Image: Tiffany & Co’s

Original article: http://edition.cnn.com/style/article/luxury-wish-list-2018/index.html