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Few tips on how to choose Baby’s First Shoes

When your little one starts to walk, you need to start choosing shoes as soon as possible. The need for this is to protect his or hers feet. When going places there are, small and big hazards on the path they walk. You should not keep their feet in shoes all the time. If you do this they will not developed strong muscles for walking and standing coordination. And we all know that is essential.


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Best time for shopping is in the morning, because feet can swell during the day. For more accurate measurement you can use metal or plastic junior brannock device. Or just use the measuring guide from the company you want to buy the shoes.

Footwear with flexible slip resistance soles and low top are recommended. These models allow the ankle joint to move freely while walking. The chosen shoes are better to have opening for the feet to breathe.


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When you have chosen the right shoes for your child, you should check toes width and movability. Put your finger on the big toe and if there is small width all is OK. If not and the big toes of your child is pressed by the shoes, try another size. Also shoes should be wide enough so you can fit your pinky toe on the sides of the shoes. After you’re done checking and measuring, watch you little ones make their first steps in the newly chosen shoes.