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Keith Flint 5 Things To Know About The Prodigy Singer

Keith Flint, who found fame as the lead singer of the band, The Prodigy, has sadly died at the age of 49. “It is with deepest shock and sadness that we can confirm the death of our brother and best friend Keith Flint,” the band’s official Twitter account wrote on March 4. “A true pioneer, innovator and legend. He will be forever missed. Thank you for respecting the privacy of all concerned at this time.” The group’s founder, Liam Howlett, also took to Instagram to reveal that “Keith took his own life over the weekend.” He said he was “shell shocked, f***in angry, confused and heart broken” over the tragic news. Here’s more to know about Keith:

  1. He started as a dancer for The Prodigy. Keith met The Prodigy’s founder, Liam, while at a rave club in the late 1980s. They bonded over their similar style of music, and Keith urged Liam to make a mixtape. Once the mixtape was complete, Keith and another friend, Leeroy Thornhill, agreed to dance to the music onstage while Liam played it as a DJ. The guys were joined by Maxim and Sharky to form the first lineup of The Prodigy in 1990. The group released their debut single, “Charly,” in 1991.
  2. He eventually became a vocalist for the group. After several years as a dancer for The Prodigy, Keith took over on vocals with the group’s 1996 song, “Firestarter.” The song became a No.1 hit on the UK charts, and helped The Prodigy gain more international success, including in the United States. He performed vocals for several songs on the band’s next album, The Fat of the Land, released in 1997. Keith’s vocals were not on the band’s 2004 album, but he returned to sing on the band’s 2009 record. The Prodigy released their most recent album in 2018.
  3. He’s done musical work outside of The Prodigy.Keith formed his own band called Flint in 2003. The group had one album completed called Device #1, but the release of the record was aborted before its expected date on July 28, 2003. Shortly afterward, the group disbanded.
  4. He rode motorcycles as a hobby. When he wasn’t performing, Keith was spending a lot of time on motorcycles. He even formed his own team of motorcyclists and competed in national races with them!
  5. He was married. From 1999-2000, Keith dated a TV presenter, Gail Porter, which shocked fans because of their very different appearances. After the breakup, he began dating Mayumi Kai, a Japanese DJ. They were married in 2006.

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