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Sophie the Celebrity Girafe

Sophie la Girafe, a French toy born in 1961 has been a favorite amongst babies for years. This little giraffe is not only pretty to look at, she is also designed to stimulate a baby’s five senses.

Each toy is handmade in France and the production process has remained the same since it’s beginning. Sophie is also made of natural latex so it’s completely safe for your baby to chew on her, something they love to do while their teeth are growing.

Not only has Sophie won a numerous amount of awards, she is also has a lot of celebrity friends. These funny pictures shows Sophie and some of her young companions.  Check out Sophie’s own website here: http://www.sophiethegiraffe-usa.com/

Kim-Kardashian-Kanye Jessica-Alba-sophie-la-girafe-kidsstoppress-e1457944355401 sophie4 sophie3 **EXCLUSIVE** Alyson Hannigan, "How I Met Your Mother" star, takes her adorable daughter Satyana with her to a knitting store sophie