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Baby room

All of us want a perfect room for our babies. But sometimes our budget won’t allow us to hire professional. So we need to use our own creativeness to make the best nursery for our baby.

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For starters you can use some old furniture like antique cabinets. They can easily be restored and repainted to match your usage. Light and happy colors are a must. Also using animal and insect textures is a good way for your baby steps into toddlerhood.

The baby room needs to be clean. So keep it simple and small in number, when putting furniture and other objects inside. You don’t want too much stuff in, because you need to clean often. The room cleaning should be done easily. So when choosing materials for the nursery this must be kept in mind.

Storage in the room must be big, but also hidden and easily accessible. Diapers and wipes don’t have to be visible. One way is to make the changing table your dresser and keep all usable items inside.


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Use your ideas combine them with your friends and family’s suggestions. And if all fails you can search the internet for ideas, advice’s and tips.